Covid-19 Impact on Travel

While governments in all countries have called for major airlines to to reduce travel to only essential travel, the desire to seek and explore new horizons are still at an all time high. Inspite of travel destinations being put on hold many people look forward to travelling in the near future. According to one of our clients Giannis who cancelled his booking with us due to Covid-19 pandemic "The next time we book tickets to Jamaica, I will choose you again for sure".

We as a company are still encouraging travelers to book their vehicles now and receive one of our biggest promotions of 20% discount. Not only are you saving big, but you are guaranteeing your travel and vehicle availability ahead of time. We are also honoring our prices in that if you need to cancel your booking due to Covid-19, we will still honor that price in the future. This is your chance to get our top vehicles at their lowest price ever...Visit our website today

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